Memorandum Of Understanding signed with Universiti Malaysia Kelantan

18 November 2014

Following closed discussions, a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) was signed on 18th November between TRCRC, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK), and East Coast Economic Region Development Council (ECER) for the establishment of a living collection within the UMK Lojing Forest Reserve.

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Official launch of TRCRC Sepilok office

27 September 2014

On the 24th – 27th of September, YABhg. Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and YABhg. Tun Jeanne Abdullah had a working visit to Maliau Basin Conservation Area for the purpose of gathering information that can be applied to the ‘living collection’ centres, gain knowledge on seed collection methods during the fruiting season, and to experience what a pristine forest is like. Also during the visit, the Tropical Rainforest Conservation & Research Centre (TRCRC), Sepilok, office was officially launched, and TRCRC and Sabah Forestry Department came to an agreement to establish the Tropical Rainforest Seed Bank (TRSB) at Sepilok, Sabah.

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Letter of Intent signed with Universiti Malaysia Sabah

27 May 2014

Refurbishment of the office in Sepilok, Sabah began on the 5th of May, following approval obtained from Sabah Forestry Department. On the 27th of May, TRCRC signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS – Sabah University of Malaysia) to commemorate the collaboration of both parties, with UMS being one of the expert bodies.

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Agreement to establish TRLC Banun at Amanjaya, Gerik, Perak

19 February 2013

Upon having progress in the Tropical Living Collection – Merisuli, Sabah, TRCRC expanded their scope of area to Peninsular Malaysia, specifically, Perak. On February 19th, in conjunction with the conference on Perak’s Central Forest Spine – ‘The Offing Of The State’s Biodiversity Bastion Ipoh, Perak’, an agreement was signed with Perak Forestry Department for the establishment of Tropical Rainforest Living Collection Banun at Amanjaya – Gerik, Perak. YABhg. Tun Jeanne Abdullah presented the keynote on pragmatism of the ‘Tropical Rainforest Living Collection’.

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Seed bank established

31 January 2013

YABhg. Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and YABhg. Tun Jeanne Abdullah visited Sepilok, Sabah and this brought about the establishment of a Seed Bank and the expansion of the existing Herbarium, in Sabah.

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TRCRC Established

1 November 2012

TRCRC was formally established with the appointment of Chairman, YABhg. Tun Jeanne Abdullah and Board of Trustees member, Mr. David Dzulkifli on 1st November 2012. In conjunction with the Heart of Borneo Conference held in Kota Kinabalu on 6th – 7th November 2012, a Memorandum of Agreement was signed between TRCRC and State Government of Sabah represented by Sabah Forestry Department on the approval of Tropical Rainforest Living Collection – Merisuli, Sabah and Tropical Rainforest Seed Bank, Sabah.

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Agreement to allocate 202 hectares of land for TRLCC

30 August 2012

YABhg. Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, YAbhg. Tun Jeanne, and Landskap Malaysia’s Board of Trustees, Mr. David Dzulkifli and Mr. James Kingham visited the Sabah Forestry Department and Taman Warisan, Sabah. They also had a meeting with Sabah Forestry Department Director, Datuk Sam Mannan to discuss further the future plans and implementation of TRCRC’s vision. Upon the visitation and meeting, an agreement between Datuk Sam Mannan, on behalf of Sabah Forestry Department, and YABhg. Tun Jeanne was made which constitutes an allocation of 202 hectares land, located within the Ulu Segama – Malua Sustainable Forest Management Project (USM SFMP) at Merisuli, to TRCRC for the purpose of executing the vision of a tropical rainforest living collection centre and tropical rainforest seed bank establishment in Sabah.

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Planning of TRCRC

30 April 2012

YABhg. Tun Jeanne and YABhg. Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had a meeting with Sabah Forestry Department to present a vision on reforestation as well as a seed bank in Malaysia which resulted in the planning of Tropical Rainforest Conservation & Research Centre (TRCRC).

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