With the ever-increasing rate of deforestation throughout South-East Asia, the loss of plant species remains a major conservation concern. Efforts throughout the world have been carried out to safeguard plant species by preserving those that can be stored in refrigerated volts.

The conservation and preservation of tropical rainforest species remains a challenging task. A large percentage of tropical seeds are generally recalcitrant and remain difficult to store for long periods. In order to increase efforts to avoid the loss of tropical plant species and to minimize the effects of deforestation as well as natural and man-made disasters, Tropical Rainforest Conservation Research Centre (TRCRC) aim to establish multiple ex-situ Tropical Rainforest Living Collection Centers (TRLCC) and plant nurseries throughout Malaysia, where we will collect, germinate, propagate, and eventually reintroduce rare and endangered plant species back into its native habitats.

However, not all tropical plants are recalcitrant. Species which can be stored will be stored in a future Tropical Rainforest Seed Bank that is aimed to be established in Sabah.

The establishment of TRLCC will complement relevant government agencies, NGOs and organizations involved in the preservation and conservation of tropical rainforests in Malaysia for a better, stable ecosystem.