In partnership with 3ciety, TRCRC’s exclusive merchandise can now be purchased online through 3sciety’s website. The conservation inspired T-shirts and bags are available at affordable prices in a variety of sizes. With every purchase of the merchandise, 20% of proceeds goes towards TRCRC’s conservation and reforestation efforts of our megadiverse natural ecosystems and tropical rainforests. This includes funding seed collection expeditions, nursery management, growing and maintenance of trees etc. Be a part of TRCRC’s vision and help make a positive difference!



Some of the designs are inspired by the dipterocarp seed, while the Rafflesia T-shirt represents one of our living collection sites in Lojing Highlands, Kelantan. Other designs depict the living collection and reforestation process conducted by TRCRC. Last but not least, we also have the 3313 T-shirts up for grabs. 3313 is a program designed to get the public involved in the conservation effort by donating RM33 to plant a tree.