trcrc-perak-102014-2The Tropical Rainforest Living Collection Banun at Amanjaya, Gerik – Perak, is a 500 hectare site located in Gerik, Perak and is part of Amanjaya Forest Reserve.

The site is divided by the Gerik – Jeli highway and the primary focus of this site is to hold an in-situ collection of rare and endangered trees in which are restricted to Peninsular Malaysia.

The site will secondarily assist on establishing a Central Forest Spine (CFS) framework which aims to group fragmented forest complexes across Peninsular Malaysia. trcrc-perak-102014-3By securing the connectivity between the forest complexes, it would provide the route for wildlife crossings and compliment attracting wildlife to use the proposed wildlife viaduct.

TRCRC is collaborating with Perak Forestry Department with an agreement signed on the 19th of February 2013.