Tropical Rainforest Living Collection – Lojing Highlands, Kelantan, is a 404 hectare site located within the Rafflesia conservation area, Lojing Highlands . Being a highland forest, our site is located at an altitude of 800 to 1000 meters above sea level, which is categorized as an upper dipterocarp forest or lower montane forest. The plant species here show characteristics of decreasing height and size as altitude increases. Some predominant dipterocarps still occur in the Lojing Forest Reserve, such as Shorea platyclados (Meranti Bukit), Vatica heteroptera (Resak Gunung) and Hopea montana (Merawan Gunung).

The Lojing Highlands and the surrounding area has been, in the past, subjected to an array of human development. Some activities that are clearly visible are the clearing of hills, soil erosion, intensive and unplanned agricultural development. The current vegetation of this site is mostly dominated by a range of pioneer species such as those found in secondary forests. TRCRC aims to restore the 404 hectares, back to its former state biodiversity where we will be focusing on creating a living collection of rare and endangered highland trees including liana species of which the famous Rafflesia (Rafflesia kerrii) prarisitzes on (T. leucostaphylum, T. papillosum and T. quadrangulum).