By Ain Yahya –

Sabah Forestry Department is one of TRCRC’s closest partner through the start of the Tropical Rainforest Living Collection – Merisuli project in Ulu Segama District of Sabah. After a year since the project was operational in August 2014, YBhg Datuk Sam Mannan, the Director of Sabah Forestry Department (SFD) visited our site on the 2nd of October 2015 along with the Deputy Director of Forest Management Enterprise, Mr Albert Radin, accompanied by District Forestry Officer, Mr Indra Sunjoto.


The arrival of YBhg Datuk was welcomed by Executive Director of TRCRC, Dr. Dzaeman Dzulkifli David, our Division Manager for Planting & Nursery, Ms Suhaili M. and myself. He ushered our VIP visitor to sign and officiate our guest book. We also distributed a brief list of species we have currently in our nursery for YBhg Datuk and his entourage’s information.


Dr. Dzaeman then move on to explain TRCRC’s seed collection activities and planting plan to our guests.


The forestry officers then were given a tour of our temporary nursery. All the species in the nursery was labeled for easy reference by our guests.


Ms Suhaili explaining TRCRC’s preliminary tests on the hardening process of plants.



We then proceeded to bring YBhg Datuk Sam to our new permanent nursery and accommodation site which is located within the project site itself. Dr. Dzaeman then gave a short brief about TRCRC’s accommodation placement and current reservoir and water works plan in the site.


A view of the permanent nursery plans that are currently executed on the ground. The area indicated for infrastructure are marked with flags, as shown below. The flags will give a clear picture of the size of TRCRC’s intended nursery.


A first-hand view of TRCRC’s completed reservoir meant for our nursery during drought periods.


A group photo of our team with the Director of the Sabah Forestry Department.


A final group photo with all the visitors of the day.


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