Board of Trustees

  • YABhg Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Advisor to the Board of Trustees

    The Honorable former 5th Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is dedicated to improving the lives of the nation and protecting nature for a healthy environment for now and future generations. After retiring as Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah continued to be active in nation related matters by playing an important role to the Malaysia National Corridor Development as an advisor and also counselor to the Malaysia Airlines.

    At an international level, Tun Abdullah is a member to a few organizations and councils such as:

    a) A founding member of the Asian Peace and Reconciliation Council (APRC) – a platform of experienced individuals from within and outside of Asia, where collective expertise can be shared, research funded and experts deployed to assist in peace dialogues, peace building processes, conflict management, and facilitation of reconciliation upon request of governments and communities facing political, social, cultural or religious conflicts or facing tensions in their bilateral relations.

    b) A member of the InterAction Council – an independent international organization to mobilize the experience, energy and international contacts of a group of statesmen who have held the highest office in their own countries

    c) A member of the board of BOAO Forum for Asia (BFA) – based in Asia to promote and deepen the economic exchange, coordination, and cooperation within Asia, also between Asia and other parts of the world. It aims to also offer a high-end dialog platform for governments, enterprises, experts, and scholars to jointly discuss economy, society, and environment and other relevant issues.

    The Honorable Tun Abdullah is also an advisor to Landskap Malaysia and Tropical Rainforest Conservation & Research Centre Bhd (TRCRC), both non-profitable organizations with the former focusing on raising public awareness on the importance of natural environment and rainforests through education programmes for schools and local communities, and the latter on conservation and preservation of tropical rainforest plant species.

  • YABhg Tun Jeanne Abdullah, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

    The Honourable Tun Jeanne Abdullah began her career in the private sector and has had many vast, diverse experiences in the field of hospitality management. As the wife of the former fifth Prime Minister, The Honourable Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, she has contributed her energy and expertise by getting involved with various charity organizations.

    In 2009, she established a non-governmental organization (NGO), Landskap Malaysia which aims to raise public awareness on the importance of the natural environment and rainforests through education programmes for schools and local communities.

    Tropical Rainforest Conservation & Research Centre Bhd (TRCRC), a sister organization of Landskap Malaysia established in 2012, was the brainchild of Tun when she realized that raising public awareness was insufficient and that rainforest conservation is a vital aspect that requires much attention from everyone. She has a vision for TRCRC that encompasses safeguarding the rare and endangered plant species, and maintaining a rich natural biodiversity in our tropical rainforests.

    She also plays an active role as the Patron of Malaysian Paralympic Council, Chairman for the Humanitarian Fund for the Children of Gaza, and Chancellor of The Open University Malaysia, an established institution in long distance education.

    Tun Jeanne continuously seeks for ways to improve lives of Malaysian citizens and pays a large focus on the environment we live in.

  • Dzulkifli David Abdullah, Member of Board of Trustees

    An accountant by training and having worked across the globe with ExxonMobil over a period of 30 years, David has been ingrained with the ExxonMobil thinking vis-a-vis the environment. While posted to the East Coast of Malaysis in Terengganu, David, as the President of the Esso Recreation Club, initiated a Turtle Conservation Program where sea turtle eggs were bought from licensed egg collectors and ‘nested’ at a beach not previously visited by sea turtles. It was a resounding success with an 80%+ hatchling rate. The Esso Recreation Club, under his leadership, was also actively involved in ‘managing’ the crown of thorns activities around live coral collections.

    Upon retirement, he thought long and hard about how he could pay back to society and landed on environmental conservation, as a natural choice. As a member of TRCRC’s Board of Trustees, he employs a hands-on approach in supporting the effort to set up ‘Living Collection Centres’ of endangered/rare species of rainforest varieties (including food and medicinal sources), that will form the core of Malaysia’s plant gene bank which is to be preserved for perpetuity. He is passionate about preserving our 130 million year old (oldest in the world) rainforest forever so that future generations will continue to enjoy this precious “natural heritage” that Malaysia has to offer.


    Datuk Ali bin Tan Sri Abdul Kadir was appointed as a Board of Governors on 9th October 2015. Datuk Ali loves fishing and outdoor adventure where he is passionate about environmental. He believes that outdoor adventure will indirectly educate people on conservation. Datuk Ali is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (“ICAEW”), member of the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Malaysian Institute of Accountants. He is also currently the Honorary Advisor to ICAEW Malaysia, Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators (UK) and the Malaysian Institute of Directors.

    Datuk Ali was appointed as the Chairman of the Securities Commission of Malaysia on 1st March 1999 and served in that capacity until 29th February 2004. During his tenure, he launched the Capital Market Masterplan and chaired the Capital Market Advisory Council. He was a member of a number of national committees including the National Economic Consultative Council II, the Foreign Investment Committee, the Oversight Committee of National Asset Management Company (Danaharta) and the Finance Committee on Corporate Governance.

    Prior to his appointment to the Securities Commission, he was the Executive Chairman and Partner of Ernst & Young and its related firms. He was also the former President of the Malaysian Association of Certified Public Accountants, chairing both its Executive Committee and Insolvency Practices Committee and co – chairing the Company Law Forum. He was appointed as an Adjunct Professor in the Accounting and Business Faculty, University of Malaya in 2008 and retired in August 2011. He was then appointed to the Advisory Board of the same faculty.


    James Kingham started his career as a planter in the early days working out in the plantation landscapes. After living and working in large landscapes he ventured on towards the cultivation of rainforest trees.

    Over the past 25 years, James Kingham has been cultivating endemic, rare and threatened species of Malaysia from across the country. He has learned to propagate a range of species by developing his own method and theory based on repeated trials and errors. In his centre based in Tanjung Malim, James Kingham currently has a collection of over Two million trees. He is well known across the landscaping profession and often hosts university courses out on his site in Tanjung Malim to train students on the cultivation of rainforest species.

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