• Big Boys Adventure

    Big Boys Adventure Sdn. Bhd. is first and foremost a service company with the main focus on providing services encompassing everything that has to do with adventure/extreme tourism.

    The company was conceptualized based on the fact that adventure/extreme tourism is a growing market and the matured Malaysian consumers are no longer looking at adventure/extreme tourism as a niche. Tourism has always been a strong contributor to the nation’s economic growth, thus venturing into tourism and all the services related is a very promising effort.

    Big Boys Adventure will be working with TRCRC in developing and running our volunteering and tourism programme over in the Tropical Rainforest Living Collection Banun – Gerik, Perak.


  • Wild Asia

    Wild Asia was first established in 2003 as a Malaysian-based social enterprise focusing on conservation of natural areas and support of local communities dependent upon natural resources. They work to help adapt the way consumers, businesses and traders operate, ensuring that they can leave a positive footprint on the developing world.


  • Raleigh International

    As a sustainable development charity, their goal is to deliver sustainable development at a grassroots level and bring transformational change to people’s lives in poor rural communities. Programmes focuses on providing access to safe water and sanitation, protecting vulnerable environments, building resilient communities and inspiring young leaders. Raleigh International work is in the Tropical Rainforest Living Collection Merisuli through the development of facilities for TRCRC and to support other nursery activities, reforestation efforts and research.


  • Universiti Malaysia Kelantan

    Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (University of Malaysia, Kelantan – UMK) established in 2007, strives to excel in quality entrepreneurial development so as to proliferate human capital of the country. UMK will be cooperating with TRCRC by contributing their expertise in Research and Development towards TRLC – Lojing Highlands, Kelantan.


  • Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia

    Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia is a subordinate department of the Ministry of National Resources and Environmental. It comprises of the Headquarters, State Forestry Departments, and District Forest Offices. It is responsible for the management, planning, protection, and development of the Permanent Reserved Forests in accordance with the National Forestry Policy (NFP) 1992 and the National Forestry Act (NFA) 1984.

    The ongoing project of Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia includes the establishment of a Central Forest Spine – by linking up defragmented forests across Peninsular Malaysia, signed in 2011, as well as constructing a wildlife corridor to provide safe route for wildlife crossings.

    TRCRC compliments the efforts of all related government agencies, NGOs, and organization in creating the Central Forest Spine.


  • Perak Forestry Department

    Perak Forest Department, established in 1895, is responsible for the development and management of forest departments in accordance with the vision of Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia, which is to be recognized as an agency of excellence in the management of tropical forests in a sustainable manner. It is also involved in the monitoring and maintenance of the forest areas to ensure environmental stability.

    TRCRC is working hand-in-hand with Perak Forestry Department in the establishment of the Tropical Rainforest Living Collection – Gerik, Perak.


  • Universiti Malaysia Sabah

    Universiti Malaysia Sabah, an institute of higher education established in 1994, strives to be a university of a global standing through its commitments to teaching, research and publications. It also aims to achieve greater innovation and productivity through their faculties of Science and Humanities, and research units of various aspects to contribute to society and the nation.

    Universiti Malaysia Sabah is assisting TRCRC by contributing their expertise in Research and Development towards the TRLC – Merisuli, Sabah.


  • Sabah Forestry Department

    Sabah Forestry Department was established in 1974 in response to escalation in logging activities which started in 1879. Entrusted to regulate forest activities and manage forests, the Sabah Forestry Department holds an important role in the State’s development, till date.

    TRCRC is collaborating with Sabah Forestry Department to establish the Tropical Rainforest Living Collection (TRLC) – Merisuli, Sabah.


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