The Team

  • Mohammad Salleh Sulaiman, Executive

    Salleh is a former student of University Malaysia Sabah (UMS). Graduated in 2014, he hold a bachelor degree in Conservation Biology, He likes to learn new skills and love outdoor activities especially when it involves being in the rainforest. He gained his passion for nature In UMS and it strengthened during his internship with the Rainforest Discovery Centre, Sepilok.

    Salleh joined TRCRC with hopes of raising awareness and educating people about the importance of conservation. As the saying goes, without nature, we are nobody.

  • Andi Akbar Muchamad, Technical Executive (Data Management)

    Andi joined the team sharing a similar mission and vision with TRCRC and grabbing the opportunity to restore natural ecosystems and educate others on the importance of rainforests. With a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Management from Universiti Putra Malaysia and early exposure in rehabilitation research programmes, he views TRCRC as a great platform to step ahead and gain knowledge and experience in rainforest conservation. As an Executive Technical Support for data management, his focus will be in finding and storing all data for the Tropical Rainforest Living Collection (TRLC) in Sabah. He hopes that his contribution in TRCRC will lead to a betterment in rainforest conservation and future research programmes.


    Graduated from Universiti Putra Malaysia with Bachelor Degree of Science Major in Biology, Ikmal gained a short experience with Malaysian Conservation Allience for Tiger (MYCAT), enough to nuture his interest in conservation field.

    Encouraged by his love with nature, he joined TRCRC to fulfill his passion and duty towards forest and its biodiversity. As our forest is continuously degrading, he hopes to make a contribution in restoring our rainforest as well as raising awareness about the importance of our forest to people.

  • Wahid Bin Othman, Supervisor, Technical Support

    Originating from Kota Kinabatangan, Sabah, Wahid joined TRCRC as the supervisor of the technical support team. He has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the field during his previous job with Yayasan Sabah. Wahid is currently based in the Tropical Rainforest Living Collection – Merisuli, Sabah project to supervise and lead the seed collection team and replanting operations. His personal vision is to contribute towards the success of the Tropical Rainforest Living Collection – Merisuli project and hopes to increase regional capacity and expand job opportunities in the environmental sector for those living in neighbouring villages.

  • Rasit Bin Abdul, Assistant Supervisor, Technical Support

    Rasit is part of the technical support team located in Sabah and his responsibilities involves him assisting the site supervisor, Wahid, in the Tropical Rainforest Living Collection – Merisuli, Sabah. He previously worked for Yayasan Sabah and Sandakan Golf and Country Club which has provided him with good field work experience. He became a part of TRCRC to expand his knowledge on restoration projects, as well as to improve degraded forest conditions. He hopes that in time, the nation will apprehend better the importance of forests for everyone.

  • Merisuli, Sabah Team

    Team Merisuli is supervised by Mr. Wahid Othman and assisted by Mr. Rasit Abdul. They lead the ground team, which comprises of (Top row, left to right) Ms Suaida Iral, Ms. Masnona Lorintie and Ms. Sarifah Samad are in charge of TRCRC’s nursery work. (Bottom row, left to right) Mr. Azmi Asmat, Mr. Ramsing Amdil, Mr. Mhd Touchry Maili, Mr. Wahirin Maris and Mr. Aliasa bin Mualas.

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