Ipoh, Perak
/Central Forest Spine/

A fallen tree trunk of what seems to be a Lithocarpus sp that was along the trails during the team's seed collection expedition in Perak.

Central Forest Spine

Forests are becoming increasingly fragmented as land is cleared for development, leaving patches of disconnected habitat. This leads to genetic erosion as unique genes are trapped in isolated forest areas. Ecological corridors are critical for the long-term survival of species as they support the movement of wildlife between these fragmented patches. The goal of a corridor is to promote functional connectivity, which can be achieved through reforestation, viaducts and overpasses.

TRCRC seeks to re-establish the integrity and connectivity of forests through the implementation of linkages and ecological corridors, as part of the Malaysian government’s Central Forest Spine initiative for a continuous network of forests in the heart of Peninsular Malaysia. This connectivity ensures that wildlife corridors are maintained, enabling movements of important flora and fauna, thus providing greater protection for them.

Amanjaya Forest Reserve, Perak
/Central Forest Spine/

Julie going through tall grasses for an on-site survey within the Amanjaya Forest Reserve, Perak.


With grant funding from Yayasan Hasanah, TRCRC completed a conservation and management plan (CMP) for three target states, as part of the output of the year-long project (“Tropical Rainforest Living Collections: Private-public partnerships towards the conservation of Malaysian plants and forests”, 2017-2018) The CMP focuses on conservation priorities for plant species rescue in the states of Perak, Kelantan and Terengganu which is intended for the use of state implementing agencies.

As the next phase of this project, TRCRC will begin implementing and refining the CMP produced through the 2017-2018 grant via ground-truthing surveys and the initiation of joint-forest restoration projects in Perak and Terengganu with state forestry departments and related agencies.


TRCRC supported Perak Forestry and Department of Wildlife and National Parks (PERHILITAN) to conduct tree planting at a viaduct in Primary Linkage-2, Amanjaya.

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