Banun, Perak
/Forest, the New Economy/

Malaysia’s rainforests are amongst the oldest in the world - dating back to about 130 million years ago.

Forest, the New Economy

In addition to our core conservation work, TRCRC believes in the importance of tackling wider forest landscape restoration and as such has developed ‘Forest, the New Economy’ (FNE).


‘Forest, the New Economy’ is a reforestation initiative that addresses degraded lands throughout Malaysia. FNE works with landowners, technology providers, investors, as well as local and federal authorities to build a sustainable forest-based economy by applying site-specific reforestation models to degraded lands to generate economic, social and environmental benefits.

FNE aims to develop viable business models that integrates the various stages across a value chain.

Site visits are crucial for the FNE team to be able to speak to key stakeholders and to verify the state of the potential area.

The team setting up camp during a site visit, which is mostly in fairly remote areas with limited grid access.

The sustainable land models include:

Sustainable biomass

regeneration of degraded land using native fast-growing species and conversion into high value added downstream technologies


forest enrichment to promote premium attractions and sustainable tourism


community-based forest enrichment for food production and sustainable income

Restoration, protection & conservation

connect fragmented forests, non-timber forest products, medicinal plants & carbon sequestration

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