Banun, Perak
/Tropical Rainforest Living Collection/

Raising thousands of seedlings requires the careful maintenance and care for them over many years. Here members of the G-team Perak are weeding seedlings in TRLC Banun.

Tropical Rainforest
Living Collection

Many tropical plant species in Malaysia face an elevated risk of extinction due to logging, forest fragmentation and land use change. Malaysia’s Plant Red List for the Peninsular Malaysian Dipterocarps states that over half of the dipterocarp species have a threatened category nationwide i.e. they are Critically Endangered, Endangered and Vulnerable.

TRCRC has established conservation sites, known as Tropical Rainforest Living Collections (TRLCs), to safeguard these tropical plant species. At TRLCs, seeds from threatened plants are collected, germinated and planted on our established sites to produce seeds and planting material for restoration projects.

The Process

On-going TRLCs

Merisuli, Sabah

Established through collaboration with Sabah Forestry Department, this site covers an area of 224 hectares located within the Ulu Segama-Malua Sustainable Forest Management Project.


TRLC Merisuli was established in 2012 and comprises of 224 hectares of secondary forest. At this site, the collection of seeds outside protected areas will be prioritised with the aim of safeguarding threatened species. These seedlings are used to restore and rehabilitate forests in the project area.

As part of the Ulu Segama-Malua Sustainable Forest Management Project, this site is certified under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and is committed to comply with FSC Principles and Criteria.

With support from Sabah Forestry Department, TRCRC has created a 10-Year Forest Management Plan for this project site, which includes actionable measures to ensure the long-term sustainability of this project. Future endeavours include an education centre and a regular volunteering program.

Key People

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Banun, Perak

This 500-hectare site is located within the Amanjaya Forest Reserve and is supported by Perak Forestry Department.

Proposed plan for TRLC (Tropical Rainforest Living Collection) Banun, Perak - 500 ha


TRLC Banun, established in 2013, is a 500 hectare site located in Gerik, Perak and is part of the Amanjaya Forest Reserve. This site is divided by the Gerik-Jeli highway and the primary focus of this site is to hold an in-situ collection of rare and endangered trees which are restricted to Peninsular Malaysia. The site will secondarily work to advance Malaysia’s Central Forest Spine initiative, which aims to reconnect fragmented forests across Peninsular Malaysia. By securing connectivity between forest fragments, a route for wildlife crossings will be provided.

TRCRC operates TRLC Banun with support from Perak Forestry Department over a 60 year lease agreement of the 500 hectare project site area.

TRCRC is also collaborating with Perak State Parks Corporation to develop a seedling development programme within the Jahai community in Royal Belum, Perak. As the Jahai people are indigenous to Royal Belum, empowering them with the technical knowledge of forest management will further enhance our core mission to conserve Malaysia's tropical rainforests. TRLC Banun will develop capacity building by teaching the communities to identify key plant species, collect the seeds and germinate them in communal nurseries. The planting stock created by the communities will then undergo a sustainable finance model whereby they are able to sell the matured saplings to support northern Perak's restoration works.

Key People

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