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Ammar, Fahmi and Luqman take a break for lunch at Tropical Rainforest Living Collection Banun, Perak.

The loss of biodiversity is one of the greatest environmental challenges the world faces. In Malaysia logging, agriculture, palm oil and development have all contributed to increased forest fragmentation and species loss. Approximately 80% of Malaysian rainforests are dominated by the Dipterocarpaceae family of trees, of which 93 species are considered threatened in Malaysia.

Dipterocarps have a unique biology and a slow reproductive cycle. Seeds are produced during mast fruiting events which occur every 5-7 years, and the seeds are ‘recalcitrant’ – their high-water content makes them unsuitable for storage (e.g. in a seed bank), and thus must be germinated. Recalcitrant seeds rescued from forest fragments can be planted out with seeds from different parents to create a living collection of trees that can reproduce perpetually. Seeds from the living collection could then serve future reforestation projects.

Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Research Centre (TRCRC) was established in 2012 to restore tropical rainforests and address the critical rate of biodiversity loss in Malaysia. TRCRC’s Mission is two-fold: to preserve tropical rainforest plant species and lead landscape-wide protection and reforestation projects throughout the country.

TRCRC plans to reconnect forest fragments through the reforestation of degraded patches using native trees sourced from nurseries as well as seedlings from rescued threatened plants. It serves two important national conservation policies: ex-situ conservation for the preservation of plant species and genetic diversity under the National Biodiversity plan, and the Heart of Borneo initiative, to support Malaysia’s commitments towards conservation.

Our Mission

Forest Conservation & Sustainable Development

The mission of Tropical Rainforest Conservation & Research Centre (TRCRC) is to preserve tropical rainforest plant species and lead landscape-wide protection and restoration projects throughout Malaysia.

Masnona and Sarifah removing unwanted weeds from germinated seedlings in Tropical Rainforest Living Collection Merisuli, Sabah.

Afandi, Aliff and Hafiz conducting a seed survey in the Amanjaya Forest Reserve, Perak.

Our Core Work

In order to safeguard tropical rainforest plant species and ensure a stable ecosystem,
TRCRC aims to:

Establish multiple ex-situ Tropical Rainforest Living Collections (TRLCs) and plant
nurseries throughout Malaysia, where we germinate, propagate, and eventually
reintroduce rare and endangered plant species back into its native habitats

Lead landscape-wide protection and restoration projects throughout the country.

Our Family

Dr Dzaeman Dzulkifli

Executive Director

Dzaeman is developing a range of sustainable land use strategies in efforts to realise the global dream of using underutilised land to mitigate climate change.

Reuben Durairatnam

Project Manager

Reuben has a background in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology with experience in different sectors but with a keen interest in environmental related solutions. He joined TRCRC as the Project Manager for the ‘Forest, the New Economy’ initiative. He is focused towards reforestation by developing economically viable sustainable solutions for degraded lands in Malaysia.

Mariam Ghani

Stakeholder Engagement & Communications Manager

Mariam spent over 5 years in the marketing & fundraising industry, raising millions for charities across Canada. A tropical girl at heart, she returned home to Malaysia where she rediscovered her love for rainforests. Combining passion with skill she hopes to bring positive change to our forests and the communities that rely on their preservation.

Suhaili Mohamad

Nursery & Planting Manager

Suhaili Mohamed or more famously known as Elly, previously worked with Healers of the Forest, a plant nursery with Mr J. Kingham. There, she developed a love for the forest while caring for a wide variety of tree species. She is TRCRC’s tough cookie and hopes she can continue to contribute her expertise in the field of forestry with this organisation.

Dr Lee Jo Kien

Lead Analyst

With a background in forest floor carbon dynamics, Jo has largely focused on developing restoration opportunities (IUCN ROAM) in Peninsular Malaysia’s Central Forest Spine initiative in addition to other forest restoration projects. He currently works with non-state actors on peatlands via the People for Peat platform to mainstream sustainable practices.

Venkata Ganesh

Innovative Finance & Business Development Lead

Ganesh graduated from the University of New South Wales with a masters degree in Engineering Science. He spent 15 illustrious years innovating in industries ranging from microprocessors to aviation before making the transition to rainforest conservation. At TRCRC, Ganesh is responsible to strategise and develop all private land conservation projects. Integrating biodiversity-rich private land into conservation planning and management is critical in maintaining protected land connectivity and ecological balance. Ganesh loves Japanese food, board-game nights, all things football, travelling and Lego.

Norsyazana Mohd Zain

Grant Coordinator

Syazana has been with TRCRC as the Accounts Executive. She is responsible for coordinating grants received by TRCRC while serving as Accounts Executive. With years of experience in accounting, Syazana is responsible for liaising with benefactors to ensure that TRCRC complies with the necessary requirements and commitments. She currently oversees the financial mobilisation of the EU-SUPA project and is dedicated to submit every single report in an organised and timely manner.

Mariam Kadir

Stakeholder Engagement & Communications Sr. Executive

Mariam’s passion in connecting chemistry and the environment grew from her undergraduate studies in air pollution biomonitoring and the potential of trees in air remediation. In TRCRC, she plays a role in engaging with various stakeholders for TRCRC projects and supports policy development for state-based projects. She now expands her experience to ASEAN region for the PFP project.

Anjulie A. Razak

Stakeholder Engagement & Communications Executive

Anjulie aims to integrate the perspectives of unvoiced communities into environmental conservation discussions through effective engagement strategies and active participatory platforms. Additionally, she has developed a wide range of communication outreach programmes for various TRCRC stakeholders. She is a Bsc. Environmental Science graduate of Universiti Malaysia Sabah and travels often in search of good food and the best ultimate frisbee tournaments.

Sindhu Bairavi

Graphic Designer

Sindhu has been in the design and advertising industry for over 7 years. Her passion for all things that contribute to protecting the environment lead her to venture into designing for a good cause. In TRCRC, she plays a role in designing and producing all on-ground and digital materials to aid in raising awareness.

Nurul Ain Mat

Publication & Communications Executive

Ain developed her interest in Medicinal Plants and Complementary Traditional Medicine after being exposed to the field. She successfully coordinated the publishing of "Nature’s Medicine, A Collection of Medicinal Plants from Malaysia’s Rainforest". She also lends Mother Earth a helping hand by managing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes focused on tree-planting.

Dr Nur Hazwani Abdul Bahar

Project Consultant

Nur holds a PhD from Australian National University and has extensive research experience on physiology of tree and crop species. Previously, she was based in Bogor Indonesia for her consultancy role at the Center for International Forestry Research. She inspires to safeguard tropical rain forest while enjoying good things in life especially good company and delicious food.

Adam Kamal

Project Consultant

Adam is a graduate of University of Wisconsin in Biology (Evolution Ecology major, Conservation Biology minor) and has acquired interest to study birds of prey, unique plants, and organism - environment interactions. In TRCRC, he is a jack of all trades - developing baseline study designs, GIS monitoring systems, supporting environmental education and on-field programmes. He hopes to further establish GIS as a significant planning tool in TRCRC and eventually within Malaysia's conservation planning. During his free time, Adam spends it on rock climbing, multi-day backpacking, skiing, playing in the mountains, and an all - rounded naturalist.

M. Burhanuddin bin Mat

Nursery & Planting Senior Executive

Prior to TRCRC, Bidin was working at the Malaysian Nature Society for the Tropical Biology Research Department. He has also had experiences as an invitational dendrologist for the Terengganu Forestry Department. His endless passion in the scientific study of tropical trees in Malaysia has made him to co-establish several plant database in Terengganu that has never been recorded, namely the species Dipterocarpus sarawakensis, Shorea kuantanensis dan Aquilaria rostrata. Bidin hopes to further contribute towards the Malaysian forest inventory while working here in TRCRC.

Mohd Aliff Amirul bin Harun

Seed Collection Supervisor

Hailing from Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang, Aliff completed his studies at SMK Sri Muda. Throughout his employment in TRCRC, his passion for conservation was enhanced as he became Seed Collection Supervisor. Aliff’s endless curiosity in many things also included Land Rovers, making him one of the few who has successfully mastered the skill of driving our oganisation’s heavy-duty vehicles.

Mohammad Faris bin Md Said

Nursery Supervisor

Faris’ natural aptitude for details has served him well back when he was in the retail industry in Pulau Pinang. His keen eye was further developed when he was employed in TRCRC and was strategically managing the workflow of our ex-situ nurseries. Along with his fellow mate Hafiz, Faris was featured in our award-winning documentary ‘Anak Pokok’ where he recalls personal metaphors from the forest as life-changing lessons.

Muhammad Afandi bin Mohd Samsuri

G-Team Programme Supervisor

Afandi graduated from the first batch of the G-Team programme and now leads the training of new applicants. His work involves designing and running of the training course, as well as recruiting and interviewing suitable individuals. Afandi is a self-disciplined man and aspires to be part of the army one day. During his free time, he usually spends it outdoors fishing.

Mohd Hafiz Bin Elias

Data Management Executive

Hafiz is a hardworking person with an employment background in the production industry. Despite not completing his secondary education, Hafiz made every effort and has strived to find ways to improve his livelihood. By joining TRCRC, he eventually found a stable career that he is deeply passionate in.

Board Of Trustees

YABhg Tun Jeanne Abdullah


The Honourable Tun Jeanne Abdullah began her career in the private sector and has had a vast and diverse experience in the field of hospitality management. She continuously seeks for ways to improve lives of Malaysian citizens and pays a large focus on the environment we live in.

David Dzulkifli


An accountant by training and having worked across the globe with ExxonMobil over a period of 30 years, David has been ingrained with the ExxonMobil thinking vis-a-vis the environment. As a member of the Board of Trustees, he employs a hands-on approach in supporting TRCRC's efforts.

Datuk Ali Bin Tan Sri Kadir


Datuk Ali bin Tan Sri Abdul Kadir was appointed as a Board of Trustees on 9th October 2015. Datuk Ali loves fishing, outdoor adventure and he is passionate about the environment. He believes that outdoor adventure will indirectly educate people on conservation.

James Kingham


James Kingham started his career as a planter in the early days working out in the plantation landscape. He is well known across the landscaping profession and often hosts university courses on his site in Tanjung Malim to train students on the cultivation of rainforest species.

Venugopal Nambiar


Venugopal Nambiar brings to TRCRC his vast experience in construction, with emphasis on project negotiation, engineering design, project feasibility study and evaluation as well as overall site management.

Benny Banus Tuzan

Project Manager

Benny’s love for nature and Malaysia’s tropical rainforest is one of the main reasons he joined the organisation’s effort to preserve and conserve tropical rainforest species. Graduated from the International University College of Technology Twintech (IUCTT), he received a bachelor’s degree in BSc (Hons) Biotechnology. As a Project Manager in TRCRC Sabah, his role is to plan the process and to execute the action plans for the TRLC project in Merisuli, Sabah.

M. Salleh Sulaiman

Technical Executive

Salleh is a former student of University Malaysia Sabah (UMS). Graduated in 2014, he holds a bachelor degree in Conservation Biology, He gained his passion for nature In UMS and it strengthened during his internship with the Rainforest Discovery Centre, Sepilok. Salleh joined TRCRC with hopes of raising awareness and educating people about the importance of conservation. As the saying goes, without nature, we are nobody.

Nurhidayat Kamsah

Admin cum Finance Executive

Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Conservation of Biology from Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Nur Hidayat Kamsah officially joined TRCRC to gain and apply her knowledge on conservation biology to the TRLC Merisuli, Sabah. As an executive, her work is mainly assisting in tasks related to the TRLC Merisuli, Sabah project. She treasures what nature has to offer and aspires to make a difference in the conservation of rainforests.

Nor Fatimah Abdul Halil

Programme Executive

Fatimah was inspired to conserve the environment since young by watching nature documentaries from the National Geographic and Simfoni Alam. Her inspiration continued when she chose to pursue her studies in Universiti Malaysia Sabah for her degree in Forestry. As TRCRC’s Programme Executive, Fatimah develops and co-ordinates educational volunteering programmes for TRLC Merisuli. She is also in charge of establishing new engagements between TRCRC and other agencies for environmental education-based programs.

Wahid Othman

Site Supervisor

Originating from Kota Kinabatangan, Sabah, Wahid joined TRCRC as the supervisor of the technical support team. He has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the field during his previous job with rainforest rehabilitation project. Wahid is currently based in the TRLC Merisuli, Sabah project to supervise and lead the seed collection team and replanting operations. His personal vision is to contribute towards the success of the TRLC Merisuli project.

Rasit Abdul

Nursery & Planting Executive

Rasit is part of the management team that is located in TRLC Merisuli, Sabah and his responsibilities involves him assisting and liaise with Nursery and Planting Division Manager. He previously worked for rainforest rehabilitation project which has provided him with good field work and nursery experience. He hopes that in time, the nation will appreciate better the importance of forests for everyone.

Aliasa Hj. Mualas


Aliasa has 19 years of experience in cocoa, rattan, forestry and tourism. Aliasa joined TRCRC to seek new skills and practical knowledge. As a ground staff, his job scope includes field work and nursery maintenance. Also, he is an authorized driver as he has experience driving off road.

Al Hafiz Jumuk


Hafiz, or more widely known as Bubut among his peers was aware of the adversity of uncontrolled deforestation as it was greatly affecting his hometown in Kampung Timbua, Ranau. Increasingly concerned, he set out of his way to find a solution and eventually stumbled upon TRCRC. He is particularly interested in tree species that regerate degraded lands, and often talks about his experiences in seed collection expeditions. His hobby is playing sepak takraw and has competed in several village competitions with the other staff members.

Azmi Asmat


Azmi is part of the ground team in TRLC Merisuli, Sabah. Besides having nursery and field work skills, he is a machine handler and has good electrical knowledge. As a general worker, he supports the construction of staff accommodation and nursery development.

Hasmawie Jumuk


Originating from the foot of Mount Kinabalu, Hasmawie adores the nature that surrounds him. Joining TRCRC as a ground staff has allowed him to gain knowledge and develop his abilities on managing the nursery and doing field work.

M. Rizam Ridjat


Rizam started his career in a different restoration project then became a lab assistant in a wood industries company. After joining TRLC Merisuli as a ground staff, he was eager to support nursery and field work activities to ensure they run smoothly.

M. Touchry Maili


Touchry is a field man that worked on a rainforest restoration project in Danum Valley before joining TRCRC. As a ground staff, his job scope includes nursery maintenance work, being part of the seed collection team and handling machine including heavy machinery.

Masnona Lorenti


Starting as a hobby for gardening then gaining work experience on the forest restoration project in Lahad Datu, Masnona is eager to apply her skills in nursery tasks in TRLC Merisuli. As a Senior Nursery Assistant, she is involved in seed sowing, transplanting and maintaining the nursery.

Norfadilah binti Awang


Hailing from Kampung Buang Sayang, Kinabatangan, Dilah used to work as a shop clerk, an assistant of a computer teacher, and also had experiences working in the tourism industry. After hearing about TRCRC from her uncle Wahid, she joins the organisation as a ground team member to learn the works of how to conserve tropical tree species. An avid reader, Dila believes strongly in TRCRC’s conservation work and hopes to influence the tourism industry with the knowledge gained.

Ramsing Adil


Ramsing has experience both in nursery activities and on the field. Appointed as a grount staff, he is responsible of taking care of the plants, to collect seeds and lead the team into the forest. He is also known as the compass man based on his experience in reading a compass in the forest for establishment of planting plots and boundary.

Sarifah Samad


Sarifah had experience in restoration work in Lahad Datu before joining TRCRC. She has a gentle hand to manage the plants in nursery from germination process until the tree planting. Working as a ground staff in TRLC Merisuli, her tasks include organizing the nursery and calculating stock of plants to fulfil data management records.

Wahirin Maris


Having had research and field work experience, Wahirin joined TRCRC to support the conservation and restoration project in TRLC Merisuli Sabah. As a ground staff, he is involved in nursery activities, seed collecting and developing the nursery to achieve TRCRC’s objective.

M. Nazri bin Mohd Shukor


Nazri was doing part-time work with with the Forestry Department when he received an offer from TRCRC. Shortly afterwards, he went through the forest seedings course in Tanjung Malim and passed with flying colours. His contribution towards TRCRC mainly lies with being in the Ground Team and doing nursery work as well as seed collection. He aspires to learn more about the forestry field while doing the things he enjoys most.

M. Ammar Amirrudin bin Abdul Shukor

Seed Collection Supervisor

Ammar first entered the conservation scene by enrolling with the Sekretariat Malaysia Prihatin’s course on forest seedings. After 4 years of doing landscaping work, TRCRC was established and the Director saw the potential in him. He was offered to join and now is the Seed Collection Supervisor for TRLC Banun.

M. Luqman bin Ismail

Nursery Supervisor

Luqman was one of the shining talent in nursery management while doing his course on forest seedlings by Sekretariat Malaysia Prihatin. Due to his tenacity and hard work, he was chosen to monitor the Nursery in TRLC Banun as Nursery Supervisor. His job scope includes the administration of nursery equipment and the surrounding infrastructure. He and his fellow kampong mate Faris were featured in our short documentary ‘Anak Pokok’ discussing about the hardships and friendships made along the journey of being employed at TRCRC.

Mohd Rahimi Bin Md Rodzi


Through his circle of friends in Gerik, Rahimi found out about the G-Team programme by word of mouth. He got curious about the programme and how it enables youths like him to participate in forest rehabilitation and restoration. Hailing from FELDA Lawin Selatan, he has experienced the effects of forest degradation firsthand and vows to find balance between development and sustainable forest management.

Mohd Safarizal Sazwan Bin Mohd Sukor


The eldest brother of the Mohd Shukor family, Safarizal eventually enrolled himself in the G-Team programme after hearing success stories from his younger siblings. Safarizal has always had an entrepreneurial mindset and was working independently back in his kampung at Bersia Lama, Gerik.

M. Syafiq bin Mohd Sukor


Inspired by his brother Nazri’s footsteps, Syafiq enrolled into the forest seeding course in Tanjung Malim. He finished the course and is currently part of the Ground team in TRLC Banun. His job scope includes assisting in nursery work and seed collection efforts. He aspires to improve his livelihood while obtaining more knowledge in the field of tree identification.

Wan Ikmal Izham bin Wan Muhd Yusofs


Prior to joining TRCRC, Wan Ikmal was doing his part in construction work. Driven by his love of nature, he got into the tropical forest seedling course in Tanjung Malim. He was recruited by TRCRC after finishing the course and is currently part of the Ground Team. He helps in the nursery work and seed collection in the surrounding Forest Reserves. He aspires to increase his knowledge in tree identification and skills in nursery management.