TRLC- Banun
/Tropical Rainforest Living Collection/

Freshly filled polybags at waiting for seedlings to be transplanted into them at TRLC Banun.


Tropical Rainforest Conservation & Research Centre are proud to collaborate with leading companies that support our mission to protect and preserve Malaysia’s most valuable asset: our forests.

TRCRC works with companies committed to making a difference and protecting our forests for generations to come.

Corporate sponsorships and collaboration projects range from tree planting, to offsetting environmental impact, backing TRCRC’s restoration and conservation work, to delivering forest public education campaigns, and more.

Is your company interested in sponsoring TRCRC? Is there another way your business would like to contribute? Please contact to learn more.

TRLC Merisuli, Sabah

Our supporters of TRLC Merisuli, Vanke believes in active participation when it comes to TRCRC's restoration efforts.


TRCRC collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders and partners in order to ensure the success of each of the projects it is involved with. Input and participation from government, academia, communities, NGOs, researchers, and the private sector helps to guide project development, implementation as well as monitoring and evaluation.